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Dean Cornish

Producer - Director




Essential Media - Rhys Darby - Big in Japan” (2020 - Director/Development)

ITV (UK) / Channel 10 (Aus)/ TVNZ - 4 x 1hr adventure and cultural travel series featuring Rhys Darby traversing the length of Japan (US/Japan)

Speed Media Ltd. / DarbMeister Films - "The Alone Rangers" (2020 - Director/DP/Co-Creator)

Web - 6x 12-minute episodes of a Covid-19 lockdown comedy show featuring stars of the stage and screen in their own isolation bubble (NZ)

TVNZ - "Stand Up Aotearoa" (2020 - Field Director)

TVNZ, TV2 - 1x 2hr comedy special to thank essential workers during the Covid pandemic (NZ) 

Britomart Group - "Welcome Back" (2020 - Director/DP)

Web - Corporate short film outlining the architecture and spaces of unique downtown precinct (NZ)

Contentment Agency - "Shadow Play" (2020 - Director/DP)

Web - Gallery piece about award-winning artist Kaye McGarva (NZ)

“40 Years in the Making - The Magic Music Movie” (2019 - DP/Post Production Supervisor)

Feature-length documentary -  Official Selection and Audience Choice Award - Napa Film festival. Official Selection - Boulder Film Festival.

Best Music Documentary Film - Boulder International Film Festival (USA)

SBS Dateline - "Thailand's Child Fighters” (2019 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ documentary looking at the tension between tradition and child welfare in Muay Thai (Thailand) 

SBS Dateline - "Thailand's Child Fighters” (2019 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ documentary looking at the tension between tradition and child welfare in Muay Thai (Thailand) 

SBS Dateline - "Sweden's Crisis Preppers” (2019 - Producer/DP)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ documentary meeting those who are convinced war or disaster are coming soon to Sweden (Sweden) 

SBS Dateline - “America's Measles Comeback” (2019 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ looking at the vaccine debate in the USA - as the country suffers its worst measles epidemic in decades (USA)

SBS Dateline - “Korea's Dog Fight” (2018 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ film embedded with animal rights activists and dog meat industry workers in South Korea (SK/USA)

Toyota Motor Company - “Universal Street Games” (2018 - Director)

ADK Japan/Saatchi - 6 x episodes collaborating with young artists from around the globe, and their road trip to the X-Games (USA)

Discovery/Animal Planet - “Monster Week x The Cryptid Factor” (2018 - Director)

Multi-camera shoot for nightly studio links during Animal Planet's Monster Week - starring hosts of the Cryptid Factor podcast (US)

Mediaworks- “The Good Sh*t” (2018 - DP (United States))

Stateside-based DP for documentary series investigating the controversial medical practise of human fecal transplants (US/NZ)

Toyota Motor Company- “Toyota Believe: Driving Innovation” (2018 - Director)

Saatchi - 6 x commercial/brand stories showcasing the future of mobility and vehicle design at CES Las Vegas (USA)

SBS Dateline - “Defending Gender: The Proud Boys” (2018 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ film embedded with Proud Boy chapters in Texas and New York at the beginning of their political infamy (USA)

SBS Dateline - “The Vegan Wars” (2018 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ film embedded with the UK's militant vegan activists, and the farmers they clash with (UK) 

SBS Dateline - “Youth in Revolt” (2018 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ film looking at youth political activity since the election of President Trump, and profiling two of the US's Millennial Mayors (USA)

SBS Dateline - “Swapped: From Manus to Missouri” (2018 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ film featuring displaced refugees on their journey from Australian detention camps to cities in the US (Australia/USA)

SBS Dateline - “Robot Love in Japan” (2017 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ A film about the integration of robots into Japanese society (Japan/Australia)

SBS Dateline- “Tiny Home Rebel” (2017- Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Current affairs film about homelessness in Los Angeles - and the extreme measures some people are taking to curb it (USA/Australia)

“Invivo Wines” (2017 - Director)

Commercial for wine company, starring UK talk show host Graham Norton  (London)

SBS Dateline - “California's Water Wars” (2017- Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Current affairs film set in the height of the California drought, looking at those who have access to water, and those who don't (USA/Australia)

Health Warrior - "Operation Farm and Run” (2017- Creative/Director)

Web campaign and fundraiser for sustainable farming  with the legendary Tarahumara tribe, who live deep in Mexico's Copper Canyon (USA/Mexico)

SBS Dateline - “Yes or No?” (2017 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Current affairs film looking at Ireland's same-sex marriage vote through the lens of the upcoming Australian referendum  (Ireland/Australia)

SBS Dateline - “End of Obamacare?” (2017- Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Film shot over the February recess, as the 45th President attempts to repeal the ACA... and stories of those trying to keep it (USA/Australia)

SBS Dateline - “Japan's Cheerleading Grannies” (2017- Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 16’ Current affairs film with inspirational octogenarians who drink beer, eat pizza and wave pom-poms  (Japan/Australia)

SBS Dateline - “Who's Still With Trump?” (2016 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Current affairs film about formerly Democrat-leaning industrial towns who may be changing their political allegiances (USA/Australia)

Commercial - “The Health Warrior Way” (2016 - Creative/Director/DP)

Web campaign for health food company, short documentaries, teasers and surrounding campaign with 1 million-plus reach (USA)

SBS Dateline - “Pride Under Fire” (2016 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Current affairs film about gun control, religion and LGBTQ rights in Kentucky (USA/Australia)

SBS Dateline - “China's Millionaire Migrants” (2016 - Producer)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Current affairs film about the migration of the ultra-wealthy to Vancouver, and resulting societal backlash (Canada/Australia)


SBS Dateline - “Korea's Fake Funerals” (2016 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Current affairs film about suicide prevention and 'fake funerals'  in South Korea (Korea/Australia)

SBS Dateline - “Korea's Internet Addicts” (2016 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Current affairs film about Korea’s internet addiction, and first foreign film crew to look inside a government-run ‘digital detox clinic’ (Korea/Australia)

“Asia’s Next Top Model S4” (2016 -Co-Executive Producer/Director)
Fox Television - 13x 1 hour reality television series. Co-EP/ Series Director/Opening Titles Director (Singapore)

SBS Dateline - “Kicked Back to Cambodia" (2016 - Reporter/Director)
Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Current affairs film about refugees from the Khmer Rouge being deported from the US to Cambodia (Cambodia/USA)


SBS Dateline - “Last Resort Rehab” (2015 - Reporter/Director)

Viceland/SBS, 1x 30’ Current affairs film about drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Thailand

Tour of Beauty (2014/15 - Director, series development)
Ovation/TVNZ - Series development and directing of international health/wellbeing travel show, featuring Rachel Hunter (USA/Korea/Greece/NZ)

The Art of the Architect (Director)

TVNZ, TV1 8 x one-hour documentaries following great NZ architects through the design/build process. 

(Various locations)

Undercover Rescue (Director)

TVNZ/ TV4 AB (Scandanavia) - 1 x one-hour documentary about sex trafficking in SE Asia, Africa and beyond 

(Thailand, Cambodia)

Making Tracks Season 1 (Executive Producer)

NatGeo/ BBC Knowledge/ Mediaworks - 6 x 1 hour documentaries 

(Brazil, China, Jamaica, S.Africa, India, Israel)

Making Tracks Series 2 (Producer/Director)

NatGeo/ BBC Knowledge/ Mediaworks - 8 x half-hour documentaries 

(Beirut, Accra, Tokyo, Paris, London, Trinidad, Buenos Aires)

 Winner ‘Best Director’ 2011 NZ Film & Television Awards

Intrepid Journeys Series 7-8 (Director)

Travel Channel UK/ TVNZ - 4 x one hour documentaries

(Sumatra, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar)

Intrepid Journeys Series 4-6 (Producer/Director)

Travel Channel UK/ TVNZ - 24 x 1 hour documentaries 

(Libya, Pakistan, Iran, China/Vietnam, Madagascar, Nepal, Mali, Colombia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Ladakh, Borneo)

-Winner of 2008/2009/2010 TV Guide Awards

-Winner of 2010 Qantas Media Award.

Intrepid Journeys Series 3 (Director)

Travel Channel UK/ TVNZ - 5 x 1 hour documentaries

shot on four continents 

(Indonesia/ Nicaragua /Malaysia /Morocco /Croatia)

- Winner of 2005/6 Qantas Media Awards

Extreme Tribes (Director)

Discovery USA - 2 x One-hour documentaries following the USA's top extreme athletes as they plan their ultimate stunt. 


Driving High (Director/Co-Producer)

Prime/SKY TV - 1x one-hour documentary about cannabis and road safety (USA/NZ)

Working Holiday (Director/Narrator)

Travel Channel UK/ TVNZ - 3 x 1-hour (Director), 8x 1-hour (Narrator) documentaries (Austria, Cambodia, Italy, UK)

This Town (Director)

TVNZ, TV1 - 8 x 1-hour documentaries around provincial life in NZ (East Coast, Central Plateau, Central Otago, Chatham Islands)

The Amazing Race USA

CBS USA - Location producer - Series 3, Series 5. 

Adventure Central (Director)

Discovery Travel - 8 x One-hour documentaries/reality around extreme sports and adventurers. (NZ/USA)

Intrepid Travel Limited (Director)

Australian TV and Web - 2 x 30” TVCs and associated web content for multinational travel company  (Thailand,Cambodia)

The Apprentice NZ - (Senior Director)

TVNZ, TV2 - 13x 1 hour prime time reality series 

NZ Story (Director)

TVNZ, TV1 - 1 x half-hour documentary (Director) 4x half-hour documentaries (DOP) (NZ, Cambodia, USA, UK)

Fiji Tourism (Producer/Director)

Colenso BBDO - Brand Story and music for Fiji Tourism 

(Fiji, NZ)

Crowded House sessions (DP)

EMI - Neil Finn - Intimate recording and multi-camera EPK for Crowded House album ‘Intriguer’.

Air New Zealand Aviation Design Academy (Consulting Director)

.99 Agency - 4x 1’30” pieces for Air New Zealand web campaign.

Vodafone ‘Symphonia’ Webisodes (Producer/Director)

Colenso BBDO - Documentary on the technical feat of a

thousand-phone mobile network stunt/commercial.

The Battle for Nye County (Producer/Director/DP)

Independent feature documentary following the life of a small town over the period of the '04 and ’08 US Presidential Elections

Media 7 (2007-09 – Director) 

TVNZ 7 - 25 x half hour media commentary show.

The Unauthorised History of New Zealand  (DOP/Field Director) TVNZ, TV2 - Series 1-3 NZ history programme (around NZ)

Human Potential (Producer/Director)

TVNZ, TV1 - 2 x 1 hour docos looking at the limits and capabilities of the human body.

Dave Dobbyn - One Night in Matata (Director)

TVNZ, TV1 - TV special - Documentary / performance. Musician Dave Dobbyn's relief concert after floods destroyed an NZ town.

-Winner of 2007 Qantas Media Award

Eating Media Lunch (2003-2009, DP/Field Director)

TVNZ, TV2,  56 x half hour media commentary series for TVNZ's TV2. (NZ/UK/USA)

Christmas in Bethlehem (Executive Producer)

TVNZ, TV2- A documentary / travelogue through Israel and Palestine. 

Road To Athens (Director/Writer/Narrator)

TVNZ, TV1 - Thirteen-part documentary series following the personal stories of Olympic stars heading to Athens (NZ/Tonga)

Intrepid Journeys Season 2 (DP)

TVNZ, TV1 - One-hour documentary shot in East Timor (NZ/Timor)


Intrepid Brand Stories (Director/DOP)

TVCs for adventure travel company 

(China/India/Cambodia/ Thailand/Australia)


BBC Treasure Hunt 

BBC (UK) - Location Producer for UK helicopter adventure programme


Childwise (Director/DOP)

ECPAT - Programme examining methods of minimising child

trafficking and exploitation in SE Asia. 



Hot Spots (DP)

Channel 4 UK - Pilot for political travel documentary shot

in secret inside one of Asia's most opressive regimes.

(Location confidential) (Presenter/Writer)

TV3 (NZ) - Multi-award-winning travel show. 2 x 13-part series.

Shot in 20 countries, including Cuba, South Africa, Japan, India, Italy, Greece, USA, Czech Republic, UK, China and Mexico.

Runaway Generation (Director/DOP)

Channel 4 UK - One-hour documentary travelling with local

Khmer and foreign dirtbike riders in the forbidden jungle areas of Northern Cambodia.

Various TVCs (Director/DOP)

McCann Erickson, Channel 9 (Cambodia), Commericals for

clients such as Coca- Cola, Nestle' and Shinawatra; shot in the

Khmer Language

Mitre 10 TVCs (Director)

Draft FCB - 4 x 30” TVCs and associated web content major

hardware chain (Auckland)

‘Come Together’ (DOP/director)

Music Video - collaboration between Boh Runga/Che Fu

Various commercial content (Producer/Director)

Brand stories and short documentaries for clients including

AUT University, Vodafone, Telecom, Auckland Museum,

Pindrop (Worldwide)

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